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This page is the root for all information about Caine, Farber & Gordon, Inc.'s (CFG's) Program Design Language Processor — PDL/81.


The last release of PDL/81 was Version 2.2. This version is Y2K compliant. A patch is available that may upgrade previous versions to Y2K compliance.

Licenses are available on an RPQ basis only. We will tend to respond favorably to requests from existing licensees and from those who have inherited large PDL/81 projects or large quantities of PDL/81 source. We will tend to respond unfavorably to all other requests.

How to Contact Us

Email or call 800 424-3070 or 626 449-3070 for further information.

Information About PDL/81

The Original PDL Paper

In 1974, we wrote a paper titled PDL—a tool for software design that was published in the Proceedings of the 1975 National Computer Conference. It has been reprinted in many collections on the theory and practice of software design.

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