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Caine, Farber & Gordon, Inc. (CFG) is an internationally-known firm of software and systems professionals which concentrates on solving hard problems. It was founded in 1970 by Steve Caine, Dave Farber, and Kent Gordon.

CFG is probably best known for it's PDL/81 Program Design Language Processor.

CFG is also known for:

We have been involved with the Internet almost from its inception as the Arpanet. We have been using the net for years to assist in project management and customer support.

In January of 1995 we co-founded a joint-venture company Gatekeeper Systems. This company is a software development and consulting firm producing high-performance Internet applications. It specializes in developing applications that serve up geographic, facility and enterprise data in an integrated manner over the internet.Gatekeeper Systems serves business and government customers worldwide. Our partner in this venture is Philip A. Naecker, Consulting Software Engineers.

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