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Summarizing the Benefits

One way of illustrating the benefits of PDL is to consider the comments of users. They give a variety of benefits as being the most important — reflecting the many ways in which PDL can be used and the variety of methodologies it complements. The six benefits mentioned most frequently are listed below. All lead to the goal of greater productivity.

Less Risk

The management risk in software development is substantially reduced since designs can be tested against requirements at an early stage.


Programs are better organized and more reliable since they start with a complete, thoroughly considered design.


Software visibility is higher so estimates of progress can be more accurately obtained.


Misunderstandings are avoided since everyone involved in a project uses a common, unambiguous medium for communication. This has proven especially so on projects involving multiple contractors and on multinational projects.


Documentation in the form of PDL/81 Design Documents is available on-line before coding starts.


Multiple designs can be economically produced and compared in cases where the requirements are not given in full or where it is necessary to maximize the capabilities of a system within a given budget.

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